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“My career choice of teaching was a wise choice but my decision in choosing an aid for my hearing problem was a sound one. Sound Decision has provided to me excellent devices and excellent service.”

David Lytle

“Ten years ago I first noticed a loss in my right ear. After the test, they recommended a wireless cross system that is truly amazing. Their service, knowledge and true caring is commendable. Thanks Sound Decision for helping me make a great decision.”

Kathy Turnwald

“12 years ago I met Todd. I became his patient and we became friends. My time is valuable, so I appreciate the timely manner of their appointments. I refer my friends to Sound Decision so they too can  experience the sounds they have long forgotten.”

Marilyn Bodkin

“I have been coming to Sound Decision since 2002. Todd is a people person and is devoted to his patients. I tell everyone I know to go to Sound Decision because of the care they will receive.”

Marie Miller

“About five years ago I first noticed that I was having difficulties hearing my wife and the television. Wearing hearing aids has allowed me to enjoy both again. The people of Sound Decision have provided me with excellent service and care.”

John Schulz

“I have been a patient of Sound Decision since 2001. They understand how frustrating it can be living with a hearing loss and have done much to improve my hearing. During my follow up visits they have always been so nice and generous.”

Katherine Gray

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